After his lobotomy.

The Warden is the unnamed warden who runs Old Town Mental Asylum. He is the villain of the season two opener Mental Asylum. The Warden is an openly sinister man who laughs evilly in between sentences and has a passionate desire to lobotomize his patients.

He sent a proposal to the Mayor of Old Town to legalize lobotomies and, due to Mr. Pickles posing as him, gets it approved. When Mr. Pickles is caught having sex with another dog while disguised as the Mayor, he is declared insane and sent to the asylum. The Warden prepares him for a lobotomy (his first lobotomy), but Mr. Pickles bursts out of the Mayor's body before kidnapping the Warden. The Warden is then taken to Mr. Pickles lair where he is given a lobotomy by one of his patients. The Warden is seen at the end of the very next episode being served at the bar in Mr. Pickles' lair. The Warden is noticeably different from the previous episode. In addition to his clothes being dirty, his eyes are completely black with scars from his lobotomy.