This article is about the character. For the episode, see The Cheeseman (episode) .

The Cheeseman (voiced by Brett Gelman ) is a character that originally appeared in the episode of the same name. While originally thought to be only a legend, he showed up in an attempt to save Tommy from floating down the river. Mrs. Goodman takes him to be a murderer, so he and Tommy both end up floating downstream.

Cheeseman before incident

The Cheeseman before he had cheese for skin

The Cheeseman is a character with American cheese for skin, hence his name. He was originally a red-haired camper who was taunted for hating cheese. One night, he was prepared a cheeseburger, to which he protested. His fellow campers ridiculed him and threw American cheese at him. The cheese melted into his skin after coming in contact with the campfire and he ran into the adjacent lake. He is eventually killed by Mr. Pickles who shoved an axe into his jaw while he was having sex with a fish.

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