is Bobby's girlfriend. Unlike her boyfriend, Mary is taller than average and the two make gross analogies to squirrels and trees when talking about having sex.

Mary was interviewed by Sheriff the day she was meant to be released from prison. She claimed she didn't know who Bobby was and the Sheriff accepted her answer without question. She then called Bobby and demanded he rob a bank, bury the money by the tree where they first met and meet her at the tavern after she's released. Bobby managed to get the money and bury it, but Mary never showed at the meet up and he ended up getting arrested. It was revealed that Mary was actually using Bobby and didn't love him (referring to him as a "stupid midget"). Mary collected the stolen money before Mr. Pickles kidnapped her and put her in his lair (this was because she had kicked him earlier). Mary entered the lair's tavern where prisoners were served beverages in the empty skulls of corpses. She asked the Baby Man and the Warden to get her out of here before the Warden asked the bartender for a Bloody Mary. The very next second Mr. Pickles appeared from behind Mary with an axe and chopped her scalp off.

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