Linda is a crazed resident of Old Town and friend to the Goodman family. She is the mother of Linda Jr.


Linda is a wrinked woman with short brown hair, few teeth, a unibrow, sagging breasts, a bulging stomach and scar on her forehead. She wears a pink dress with numerous stains, hoop earings and a single flippers on her foot.


Linda is very friendly, yet extremely rambunctious to the point of insanity. She is prone to jumping up and down and exposing her body in public. Linda makes a living trying to sell people junk she found searching through bins.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically, her name is Portuguese for "gorgeous".
  • She bears a slight resemblance to the original sketch of Lena the Hyena from the "Little Abner" comics from the 1940's, as both women are grotesque in appearance.

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