is a gerontophile who frequents the Old Antiques store to pick up elderly men to have sex with.


She tried to have sex with Grandpa when he enquired about the origin of an old coin. She posed as a worker and took him on a wild goose chase around town, making him think that they're being listened to and that she had to tell him about the coin in private. She even stole and dumped a car which she claimed was wired, and had her friends chase after them when they entered a club to talk where no one would hear them. It culminated in her talking him to a dingy hotel (called A Safe Place)​ where she revealed her true intentions in the room that she uses to have sex.

Grandpa rejected her advances because he was still in love with his late wife Agnes, but this only enticed Jessica to the idea of a threesome (which she has had many times before). Jessica demanded that Grandpa prove to her that his wife is dead, so the two drove to Agnes' grave. Jessica then decided that it would be a good idea to have a threesome with Grandpa and his dead wife because "it doesn't get any older than dead", that commit necrophilia. Grandpa was really disgusted at the idea, but Jessica made him dig up his wife's grave at gunpoint. However, there was nothing but Styrofoam in the coffin. The two dig through the Styrofoam peanuts and end up falling into Mr. Pickles' lair.

Certain that Mr. Pickles has stolen Agnes' body, Grandpa took Jessica's gun and started searching for the dog with Jessica following. The two found Mr. Pickles playing table tennis with his friends and Jessica was attracted to the two elderly kings. Mr. Pickles then killed her by shoving his table tennis paddle into her cranium.


  • Some of the old men she had sex with (as seen in pictures in her room) are ones that have appeared in previous episodes.

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