Vito Pizzarelli is a former mobster and one of the mob's most feared hitmen before he was caught by the FBI. They forced him to rat out the entire Gabagoolie criminal organization before they gave him a new identity with the witness protection program. They surgically extended his limbs and placed hair follicles all over his body, transforming him into the mystical creature known as a Bigfoot. He currently resides in the woods in Old Town.

Tommy and Mr. Pickles encountered Bigfoot after he stole the Fathers Day pie Beverly made. Bigfoot agreed to help bake a new one which forced him to go out in public to pick up ingredients. He was soon discovered by the Gabagoolies when someone posted a picture of him at the grocery store (they deduced that it was him because of his choice of cream sherry as pie ingredients). When he made the pie, Bigfoot encouraged Tommy to throw it in his father's face for not spending enough time with him. He then noticed the Gabagoolie's parking into the same diner where Tommy's father was. He offered himself to the Gabagoolie's to protect Tommy, but Mr. Pickles saved him by shooting them down.

They encountered Bigfoot some time after, except now he's married a doe (that we saw him having sex with last time after Mr. Pickles hypnotized her to do so) who birthed his son, Dear Boy, a human-deer hybrid. Bigfoot enlisted Tommy and Mr. Pickles' help to take care of Dear Boy while he spends some time with his new wife. However, she ends up getting killed by a pair of hunters. Bigfoot claims that in his past he would have sought revenge, but his fatherhood has now change him. Bigfoot mourns the loss of his wife at a camp fire where he is confronted by the hunter who killed his wife. Mr. Pickles saves him by killing the hunter, and Bigfoot then asks him to look after his Dear Boy again while he spends time with his new lover, an owl.

Trivia Edit

He is one of the few beings that Mr. Pickles cares about

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