Beverly Goodman

Beverly Goodman in Loose Tooth.

Beverly Goodman (née Gobbleblobber, voiced by Brooke Shields) is the tetratagonist in Mr Pickles and a member of the Goodman Family. Beverly is Stanley's wife and mother of Tommy. Grandpa is her father and Linda is her best friend who often tries to sell her various products. She is a stereotypical stay-at-home housewife. She is often the voice of reason for the family, even when nobody listens to her. Mr. Pickles takes every opportunity to grope, fondle or dry hump her, but she dismisses it.


Beverly is a tall, light skinned, extra T H I C C, well-endowed woman with blonde hair and black colored eyes. Her attire consist of wearing a pink ribbon on her head, pink earrings, and a light blue blouse like dress with a white collar and rolled up sleeves while wearing a beige colored apron over it. She also wears a white pearl necklace around her neck.


Beverly is a kind and very nice woman. She is usually the voice of reason to the problems in the Goodman household. Despite her optimistic personality, she is very naive, as she doesn't know what being a vegan means, constantly mispronouncing the word "vegan", and even brought meat to a vegan meeting. Despite this, she loves meat, this is further evident that she has been pathetically shown on how people kill animals and how their meat from them is processed, as this does not effect her one bit after what she saw. As stated above, she is completely oblivious of Mr. Pickles' sexual advances towards her, believe that all of his groping and pubic display of affection to her is nothing more but playful dog actions, but she dismisses it.

Because the other members of the Goodman family are unable to cook for themselves, Beverly usually working hard in the kitchen. It has been shown multiple times that Beverly feels limited by her life as a homemaker. This is because her mother discouraged her ambitions of being a professional photographer, fencer, doctor or clown, which caused her to have a psychotic break in the season two finale.


Expert Baker: Beverly Goodman is an expert pie baker. In the "pilot" episode, she has multiple pictures of herself winning 1st place in every pie contest she entered. It's possible that she only won those contests because of the judge's favoritism of her large breasts and erected nipples.

Sexual Acts Mr. Pickles has performed on herEdit

Due to Mr. Pickles' libido and his infatuation to Tommy Goodman's mother, Beverly, he has done acts to which she constantly dismisses due to him being a dog and believing his actions is common dog mannerisms. Such as:

  • He was seen looking up Beverly's dress to see her panties while licking himself.
  • He hiked up the back of her dress to put his head in between her butt (while still wearing panties) to sniff it. (Inside and outside of dress)
  • He playfully humps her from behind.
  • He had his head in between her large breasts. (Outside of shirt)
  • He gropes her breasts at every chance he gets.


  • She is shown in flashbacks to have had large breasts since she was a child.
  • Her maiden name was Gobbleblobber.