Agnes Gobbleblobber
Vital statistics
Position Mr. Pickle's pet gimp
Age 60s or 70s
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Agnes Gobbleblobber is the wife of Henry Gobbleblobber, mother of Beverly Goodman, and pet gimp of Mr. Pickles' who lives in Mr. Pickles' Lair, under the name Steve. Henry is the only one who is aware of her presence and her association with Mr. Pickles. 


Agnes was a cruel and unfriendly woman. She discouraged of her daughter's ambitions of becoming a Doctor, ventriloquist, clown or fencer. Agnes also cheated on her husband, despite him loving her dearly. When Agnes was having an orgy, Mr. Pickles murdered her sex partners and forced her to do his bidding. After faking her death, Agnes came to live in Mr. Pickles Lair as his gimp. 

In Dear Boy her identity is almost revealed after Grandpa blocks the entrance to the lair with her lawnmower. As Steve escapes into the forest, Grandpa follows him and comes closest to unmasking him, until Steve knocks him out and disappears yet again.

In Season 2 Finale it is revealed that Steve is Grandpa's Wife, Agnes in disguise.

In the first episode of the third season, Agnes returns to her family before Henry can revealed he saw. In order not to reveal what happened after his death, she appeared in the Goodman's garden claiming to have amnesia.

She states that she will embitter the existence of the grandfather while she is in that house.

Later it is revealed that she tried to have sex with Stanley and she insults her daughter and Tommy, finally she is stopped by Mr Pickles as she was about to reveal compromising information in front of many people. She is scared of Mr pickles when she realizes what she was about to do, without realizing she walks backwards towards the street and is run over by a truck, dying instantly.

At the end of the episode she appears revived, before being thrown into space and being torn apart by the pressure.